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Pulling information into forms

How to apply patient data in Forms

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Data variables added to a form template enable you to pull provider or patient data into a form (see Creating form templates). When adding a form to a patient chart, you select which data points populate into the form template from the list of configured variables.

You can configure the following data points to populate a form:

  • Patient demographics

  • Patient medical history, labs, allergies and vitals

  • Provider, user and care team demographics

  • Provider signatures

  • Location information, such as address

  • Current or created date

  • Appointment information

  • Recipient and CC recipient demographics

  • Custom data

  • Qnaire scoring

  • Form data

  • Referral data

💡 Tip: If you always choose to insert the same data points to your forms, hide the Auto Fill Templates window to save time. Select Do not open this dialog by default. Conversely, if you previously selected this check box and, you do not see the popup window, you can enable the window again (see Enabling skipped dialog messages or warnings). This setting applies to all of your forms.


1. Open a new form (see Using electronic forms).

2. When presented with the Auto Fill Templates window, select the data options to populate in the configured variables of your form.



Patient Data

To pull in patient data (such as demographic information and medical history), select Patient Data. When selected, appears blue.

Autofill Templates

If you have autofill templates configured, select the one to use (see Creating auto fill templates). Autofill templates have a bucket icon. The selected template appears in blue.


The location you are currently in is auto-selected. Click to select a different location.


Auto-populates to today's date. Click to select a different date.


If required, select the recipient from your contacts and facilities. The recipient also populates the To field for faxes and emails.

CC Recipient

If required, select the CC recipient from your contacts and facilities. This is helpful when you have fax cover pages with multiple recipients.


Select the provider or user associated with the form. If you are a provider, your name is auto-selected. If you are staff, select your favourite provider with the star.

💡 Tips:

  • Populates Selected User variables. If the form is not pulling this provider, check if the variable is set to Current User (yourself).

  • For signature variables, ensure that the selected user has a signature configured. Only providers can have a signature (see Configuring signatures).


If the form is connected to an appointment, select it from the list. This populates appointment date variables.


If the form is connected to a referral, select it from the list.

Lab Identifier

Currently, Alberta Health Services require the provider's unique lab identifier on lab and diagnostic imaging requisition forms. If the lab ID is configured (see Adding unique lab identifiers to your CHR account) in your account and on the form, it automatically pulls in the ID last used. Click to change the lab ID.

3. Click Apply. The form opens pre-filled with any form variables you have configured.

📌 Note: When editing a form, in the top-right corner, click Auto Fill at any time to pull in new data. This is great if new information was added to the patient chart.

Updated June 6, 2022

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