If you are a provider, creating an insured billing items from an encounter is the most efficient and thus recommended:

  • You can see everything associated to that specific encounter in one place.

  • If you use the analytics module, encounter(s) that do not have a bill attached will be tracked through embedded views.

Steps (to create a billing item)

1. Open a specific encounter

⚠️ Important: Ensure the encounter is associated to an appointment

2. Navigate to the Billing Items folder within the specific encounter

3. Click Insured Billing

4. A new window will open Edit Billing Item

💡 Tip: Within an unsigned encounter, you can clone past insured billing items by clicking the icon next to Insured Billing and selecting the billing item you want to use.

5. Enter the billing code or description

6. Select the correct item from the drop down menu

📌 Note: The base amount will populate accordingly

7. Enter the corresponding diagnosis code

8. Select the correct item from the drop down menu

📌 Note:

  • The service date automatically populates based on the patient's appointment date and time.

  • The date automatically populates with the time the encounter note was opened initially.

9. Save or Sign the Encounter

📌 Note: Once the encounter is signed, the created claim will automatically que in your billing dashboard. See Billing Dashboard: Main Filter/ Pulling Reports

Updated: June 1, 2021

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