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CHR Release Notes - version 21.11
CHR Release Notes - version 21.11

October 6, 2021

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Archiving presenting issues

You can now archive (and unarchive) presenting issues instead of deleting them completely from the TELUS Health Collaborative Health Record (CHR).

In the settings, you can also filter your presenting issues to show All, Active or Archived.

With this new improvement, you no longer get an error when attempting to open a patient chart in Pathways when an appointment is associated with an archived presenting issue.

For more information about archiving, see Creating presenting issues (reason for visit).


Below is a list of bugs we have identified and fixed in this release. For more information, contact our TELUS Health support team.

  • Previously, archived injections appeared in the summary view of the patient chart. Additionally, when the injection variable was present in a letter template, it pulled in the patient's archived injections along with current injections. This has been fixed. You no longer see archived injections in the patient chart summary view nor in a letter template with injections as the variable.

  • When booking appointments for Sunday January 2, 2022, you were unable to see them in the scheduler when looking at it in a week view. This has been fixed. All appointments booked for January 2, 2022 can now be seen in the day and week view.

  • Previously, when you received a patient’s lab result with serum hemoglobin and urine hemoglobin results, they appeared in the patient chart under Lab results in one section. They were thus trended together on a graph. We have fixed this bug. Both results now appear in separate rows under Lab results (Hemoglobin - Hematology Panel and Hemoglobin - Urine Chemistry/Micro) and you can now trend them in separate graphs.

  • When users in British Columbia and Manitoba created an insured billing item, the base amount did not display the last decimal, i.e. $20.2. This has been fixed. The second decimal on base amounts for all insured billing items are now displayed.

  • Previously, when deleting a file tag the tag was removed from all historical patient files in the CHR. You can now delete file tags and they are not removed from historical patient files in the CHR. For more information on deleting file tags, see Configuring file tags.
    Similarly when you deleted patient status tags they disappeared in the patient charts that they were applied to. You can now delete patient status tags in settings and they are not removed from the charts that they were previously applied to. For more information on deleting patient status tags, see Creating patient status tags.

  • We released an improvement in August 2021, when clicking on your profile icon, you see the up to date Collaborative Health Record (CHR) version number. We have now included the product Name “CHR” in front of the version number.

  • Previously, when using the copying shortcut at the top of a patient chart to copy and paste the patient’s GP, it copied the primary practitioner information. This has been fixed. When you click on the GP field, it now copies the Family Doctor so that you can paste it elsewhere.

  • We fixed a design issue: When a provider or a patient leaves a virtual encounter, the alert message that appears is now clear.

What's new in the CHR help

Here’s what we recently added to the CHR help (

CHR training videos

We continue to augment our CHR training videos. They are available to you in the Tutorial video library within the CHR help.

Prescriptions and Medication


If you are involved in chronic disease management and preventive care at your clinic, have a look at our up to date help articles on flowsheets. Learn all about how to add, use, configure, update, and delete flowsheets.

CHR Security Setting

We always recommend adding additional layers of security to your CHR account, reducing the possibility of unauthorised access to your account and clinic patient database. See the account-wide and user-specific security settings that the TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) offers.

Scheduled time of update: Evening of October 5, 2021

No preparation is required in advance of the update. All CHR update activities are managed by TELUS Health via a zero-downtime rolling deployment in the CHR’s cloud infrastructure, which allows the system to operate without interruption of service during updates.

No data migration is required as part of this update.

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