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📌 Note: To get instant chat for your clinic, contact your TELUS CHR support team.

You can use the TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) instant chat to send messages to your colleagues. It is ideal for quick notifications or discussions about daily tasks or events related to internal operations.

📌 Note: You can include patient personal health information in chat; all conversations are securely stored within your CHR account. However, for any patient-centric messaging and tasks, we recommend using the messaging feature within a patient chart.

You access instant chat from the main menu > Chat or from the instant chat widget, which you can move anywhere on your screen. You cannot remove the instant chat widget.

Profile pictures or avatars make it easy to identify you and your team members. You can set up or update your avatar from your profile settings.

Notification numbers indicate how many total unread messages you have (both individual and group conversations).

📌 Note: You cannot add attachments, emojis, or hyperlinks to instant chat messages.

In instant chat, you can:

Updated May 27, 2022

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