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Provincial (AHCIP) billing (Alberta)
Managing and reconciling provincial (AHCIP) claims (Alberta)
Managing and reconciling provincial (AHCIP) claims (Alberta)
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You manage and reconcile provincial (AHCIP) bills through the Billing dashboard. Here, you can filter your clinic's list of bills to display:

  • Attention Required bills (bills that are refused, are flagged by the CHR as containing errors, or are partially paid or paid at zero)

  • Submitted bills that have not received a response from AHCIP

  • Held bills

  • Completed bills (bills that are paid in full)

From this list, you can edit and resubmit a bill or update a bill's status.

📌 Note: You can also export billing reports or billing data from the Billing dashboard for reporting purposes or to transfer the data into another application. See Exporting billing reports from the Billing dashboard.


1. From the main menu, click Billing. The Billing dashboard opens with a list of bills created today.

2. Filter the list to display the bills you want to view or manage.

At the top of the window, click the white panel and set the filters:

  • Insurer: Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan

  • Service Date: Set the service date range for which you want to view bills.
    💡 Tip: To filter bills by paid date, in the Search By list, select Paid Date.

  • Billing Practitioner: Select the providers for which you want to view bills.

  • Location: If your clinic has multiple clinic locations, select the locations for which you want to view bills.

Then, in the Status filter, depending on the bills you want to view or manage, select one of the following statuses.

To view or manage...

Select the following status

Invalid and refused (rejected) claims (claim refused for invalid or missing information)

Attention Required

As soon as one billing item is refused or invalid, the status of the claim is Attention Required.

Partially paid (includes claims that were paid at zero)

Attention required

Submitted claims

(claims that have not yet received a response from H-Link)


Held claims (claims being held because they require manual review)


Fully paid claims (claims that have been processed and paid in full)


3. Manage any Attention required bills.

a. To manage bills refused by AHCIP or flagged by the CHR as invalid, see

b. To dispute any partially paid or paid-at-zero claims, see

4. If you notice bills that have a status of Submitted for longer than 2 weeks, contact the TELUS Health support team.

5. Make sure no bills have a status of Held for longer than 90 days. Contact AHCIP to follow-up on held claims.

6. Review Completed bills. If you want to make a change to a completed bill, resubmit the claim using the appropriate action code (change or reassess). See Correcting errors in completed bills.

7. If you want to delete a claim you billed in error, see Deleting provincial bills.

Updated June 29, 2022

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