1. From a patient's chart, click Start/Open > Insured Billing.

  2. Click +New Payment
    A window, New Insured Payment will appear.

  3. Complete the following fields:

Clinic location - click the arrow and select from a dropdown list

Billing destination - select from a dropdown list.

(i.e provincial billing, third party, private, custom billing template).

Status - select

  • Draft - bill has been created but not sent anywhere, or

  • Ready to Submit - Bill will automatically be sent to any provincially connected billing service (daily)

Patient / Identification

  • Click on the Patient Name to add/change demographics

  • Click on the person icon next to the name to bring you to the dashboard view of the patient chart

PHN Validation - Healthcare numbers are validated.

  • Invalid healthcare # = Red box.

  • Valid healthcare # = Green box.

Billing Practitioner - the billing practitioner must be connected to a provincial billing provider to be able to submit bills automatically.

Data Centre

Each bill submitted to a provincial service needs a

  • data centre number,

  • practitioner number and

  • payee number.

for the bill to automatically submit.

4. Click + Add Fee Item
A window, Edit Teleplan Billing Item appears.

5. Complete the applicable fields (*mandatory):



Code / Description*

Add your billing code in this field.

Base Amount*

The amount automatically appears under base amount once you add the billing code.



Diagnosis Codes*

For provincial billing, the codes are uploaded and configured through the CHR. See Configuring diagnostic codes for your account. For Third Party and Private Billing, you have to create these.

Service Location*

You can configure a default service location for Teleplan or Dr. Bill. See Configuring your default service location (Teleplan) or Configuring your default service location (Dr. Bill)

Service Date*

Enter the date the patient was seen.


Start Time

Finish Time

Edit Note

ICBC Claim

Select the ICBC Claim if you are submitting a bill to ICBC.

WSBS Claim

Select the WSBS Claim if you are submitting a bill to WSBC. The billing item window expands for you to complete WSBC Additional Fields:

Claim number, Date of Injury,

Area and Nature of Injury, and Anatomical Position.

📌 Note: If you have entered claim information previously, you do not have to complete the additional fields again. You are prompted to apply the WSBC claim info into the bill.

Pay Patient Opted Out

Show Advance Fields - check the box to see more fields to be completed:

  • Facility Number

  • Ref Facility Number

  • Service Clarification code

  • New Born (see Note)

  • Referring Practitioner (see Note)

  • Sub-Referring Practitioner (see Note)

  • Show Submission Fields (see next row)

Show Submission Fields

Select if you have any claims that require a submission code to be sent with provincial billing (MSP).

📌 Note:

  • Referring Practitioner - a referring provider will not be added automatically to the bill when creating the bill from the patient chart > insured bill.

    Check the referring and / or sub-referring practitioner box to enter the referring practitioner. See Attaching the Referring Provider to a Bill.

  • New Born - Check the box to attach a newborn's claim to the mother, the mother's PHN must be entered in the below field. See Billing a newborn baby without a MSP number (BC).

5. Click outside the Billing item window

6. (Optional) Click + Add Fee Item and complete the applicable fields

7. (Optional) Type Notes in the box at the bottom.

8. Click Save

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