What is a “Virtual Visit”?

Virtual visits are the key functionalities within the CHR that enable you as the healthcare provider to digitally engage with your patients.

Virtual visits are conducted directly within your patient's chart, allowing for ease of documentation, access to information, and optimization of your clinic workflow

What are some of the many different ways that you can digitally engage with your patients through Virtual Visits?

  • Instant messaging

  • Assigning tasks to patients

  • Assigning tasks to clinic staff

  • Engaging in secure audio calls

  • Communicating through secure video calls

Are Virtual Visits secure?

Just like all features within the CHR, virtual visits follow the rigorous standards of our terms of services with built-in data encryption. This means that the data transmitted between the website and the servers are transmitted over a secure connection (https), which is encrypted for you and your patients’ security. By doing this, other network providers will not be able to read or intercept any of your communication conducted through a virtual visit.

How do I know when a patient is ready for a Virtual Visit?

Patient readiness for the virtual visit can be viewed within the virtual visit panel in the patient chart. This includes if they are logged in, when they logged in, confirmation of their consent, and if they have access to the camera and microphone.

📌 Note: You can see how long the patient has been waiting.

Can I change the size of my Video Screen?

The initial video screen is embedded in the left-hand panel to allow you to prioritize the view of your patient chart. However, if you wish to maximize your video screen, you can easily do so by clicking the maximize button in the top right corner. This will open up the video in the middle of your screen and you will be able to manually enlarge and move the box to any location on the screen that suits you.

The X (close icon) in the above video does not close the virtual visit. It simply moves the screen back to the left-hand panel.

Can I send a virtual visits notification to my patient?

You have the option of sending your patient an invite to a virtual visit prior to their appointment (i.e. before the 5 min automated alert) or re-sending an invitation at any time during their visit if they have not yet joined.

Are there any further tips for an optimal experience when using virtual visits?

For virtual visits to function well for both the practitioner and the patient, ensure the following has been set up prior to beginning a virtual visit:

  1. When using a Laptop or computer, ensure that both parties (patient and healthcare provider) are using the LATEST VERSION OF GOOGLE CHROME.

  2. Close all other applications that may use your camera (i.e. Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts, Zoom, GoToMeeting).

  3. Before starting a virtual visit close all other programs on your computer to prevent them from making your computer slower during the session.

  4. Refresh your screen if you encounter any errors. The patient/client should be advised to do the same.

See Starting a scheduled virtual visit and Starting an unscheduled virtual visit.

Updated April 2021

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