There are two different ways to engage in a Virtual Visit.

1. Through a Scheduled Virtual Visit - this refers to an appointment that is already booked and is on the Clinicians schedule within the CHR.

2. Through an Unscheduled Virtual Visit - this refers to a patient visit that is being conducted without a booked appointment (example: a virtual walk-in clinic).


This is the most common type of visit that you will encounter.

Each patient visit is organized into 2 (default) Phases:

  1. “PRE VISIT” - the stage before the patient arrives

  2. “VISIT” - your patients' virtual visit stage

The Phases can be customized according to your clinic's needs. A third phase can be configured if your clinic has various tasks to complete post-Virtual Visit.

Please speak to your InputHealth Implementation/ Support Team who will customize your settings accordingly.


A Virtual Visit can be started very easily, no matter where you are in the CHR, with as few clicks as possible. There are two ways to access a scheduled virtual visit:

Clicking on an Appointment within the patient's chart:

When you start the virtual visit from within the patient's chart, you will see a list of all the available virtual visits for that patient on the left-hand panel under a label called “Pathways” (see below image).

When starting a virtual visit from a patient's chart, the patient has to have a booked appointment.

Please note that a patient's virtual visit will only appear in this list 15minutes prior to their appointment. If you would like the visit to appear in the list sooner (i.e. 30minutes prior to their appointment), reach out to your InputHealth Implementation / Support Team to assist with the customization of this functionality.

By clicking on the appropriate appointment "card", the virtual visit panel will open on the left hand side of the patient’s chart.

Clicking on an Appointment within the Pathways Module

When you open Pathways, you will see columns associated with the two different stages of care (default: Pre-Visit and Visit).

Make sure you have the Filter set in Pathways to Virtual Location (at the top centre).

To optimize your clinic flow, each scheduled virtual visit will automatically appear in the ‘Pre-Visit’ column, 5 minutes before the patient's appointment time.

You can search for your patient in the pre-visit column by typing their name into the “Select Patient” field above the first column.

If your patient is not found, click the + sign next to Pre-Visit and then click “with appointment”. This will open a search field, find your patient, and add them to the Pre-Visit column.

Once you have found your patient, click on their appointment card. This will automatically open their chart and start the virtual visit in the virtual visits panel, on the left-hand side.


Starting your Virtual Visit

Patients will automatically receive a notification to start their virtual visit, 5 mins before the visit. This notification includes a secure access code that they need to enter.

The patient is asked to agree to proceed with a virtual visit when they check-in to their virtual visit. This is a built-in feature to allow for appropriate consent before proceeding with the virtual visit. This also ensures that the patient has a functioning camera and microphone.

Once the patient has agreed to proceed , you will see the following three boxes with green check marks indicating that the patient is ready.

You have the option of starting the video chat, resending the invitation (if the patient has not checked in) and/or refreshing the above window.

Once you are ready to start the virtual visit, click the "Start Video Chat" button.

  • The virtual visit screen will automatically open

  • If you wish to start your video, hover over the AUDIO ONLY button and select START CAM button.

Note: The patient also has control over the Audio/ Camera button. This allows both parties to switch on/off the camera independently when they want to.

During the Virtual Visits, you can use the chat feature to send the patient an instant message through the secure portal.

Once your virtual visit is complete, you can simply select the red phone icon on your video session. This will disable both video and audio access.

Finally, you can click on the Phase icon and select Complete. The patient chart will now be removed from Pathways and the Virtual Visits panel.

Last Updated: 11.2020

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