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CHR Release Notes - version 22.16
CHR Release Notes - version 22.16

August 30, 2022

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What’s new in the CHR

‘My frequents’ medications renamed to ‘My favourites’

We replaced the label My frequents with My favourites in the CHR. If you often prescribe certain medications, you can add these as your favourites so that you can prescribe them quicker in the future. For more details, see Saving your favourite medications.

Movable and resizable fax window when searching for a contact

When you fax a document, the window to search for the contact or facility can now be moved around and resized. Additionally, when you want to fax another document, the CHR remembers the last size setting.

What's new in TELUS CHR Mobile

Viewing another provider's schedule

To view a different schedule, select your avatar in the top right. Either search for the schedule you want to view, or select it from the list. The 5 most recently-opened schedules are displayed at the top of the list. For more information, see Viewing and navigating an appointment schedule in TELUS CHR Mobile.

Connecting to additional clinics

To connect to another CHR clinic (for example, when you work at multiple locations), select the Clinic button on the bottom right and then select + Connect clinic. For more information, see Using TELUS CHR Mobile with multiple clinics.


  • When you update the details of an existing allergy, the historical information of the previous entries are now saved, and only the updated field appears in the new date column.

  • You can once again delete or pause a scheduled recurring Qnaire in a patient’s chart again.

  • When you use patient data alerts to track, for example, preventative care non-compliance in the patient’s chart, providers now see alerts based on the date entered. Previously, providers would only see alerts if no date was entered.

  • During a virtual visit, when patients are assigned the task of uploading a file, they can once again upload and submit images.

  • In the Qnaire builder, when you click Preview, you can view Qnaires again.

  • If a patient has a preferred pharmacy saved in their patient chart and you delete the pharmacy from your Contacts, the preferred pharmacy is now also deleted in the patient’s chart. Pharmacies that were deleted from contacts before the fix have also been removed from the affected patient's charts.

  • When searching for a contact or facility in the Contacts list or when adding a patient's preferred pharmacy, the option to create a new contact is available again.

  • When a provider does not have an Inbox (Has Inbox is not selected in their account settings) labs are no longer matched to that provider's inbox but instead are sent to the default provider’s inbox based on the clinic’s routing policy (for example Miscellaneous faxes and labs).

What’s new in the CHR help


  • We updated our forms section. Learn how to make the most of your electronic forms, from Using electronic forms to Applying a form status to Pulling information into forms, and more. Check out our entire forms collection.

  • The TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) has hundreds of the most commonly-used provincial and local forms, such as lab and diagnostic imaging requisition forms. TELUS Health creates and maintains these forms for all of our customers. To view our available forms and how to request them, see Available standard forms.

  • If you require a form that is specific to only your clinic, you can build and configure it yourself. The form can be configured to pull and push information from the CHR and patient chart, as well as have checkboxes automatically selected and text boxes populate with default text. See Creating form templates.

CHR Mobile release notes

To learn about improvements and fixes in each TELUS CHR Mobile release, visit CHR Mobile release notes. Improvements to CHR Mobile are included with the main CHR release notes for greater visibility, but fixes are documented only in the CHR Mobile release notes. For more information about the CHR Mobile application, see our collection of topics.

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