1. Linking Qnaires to Appointments (Mass delivery)

To automate delivery of pre-visit questionnaires, you can associate them with any appointment type. For more information please see the article below:

2. Scheduled Qnaires (Customized)

You can create a specific schedule, sending Qnaires to a specific patient (customize the schedule to date and time):

  • Refer to a specific patient's chart and click the blue "Start/Open" drop down in the top right hand corner of the screen.

  • Click on the "Scheduled Qnaires" section

  • Click on "New Schedule". A new window will appear:

Delivery Date/Time - Select what time and date you want the Qnaire to be sent.

Email and/or SMS - Select a method of delivery. Ensure the patient has the corresponding information in their patient chart. 

Practitioner- By selecting a specific practitioner, this will determine which Inbox the Qnaire will be sent to once submitted by the patient.

Selected Qnaire - Click the +Add button. You will be presented with a list of published Qnaires on your account. Select the order and Qnaires you would like to have sent. 

Advanced Settings (optional)- The advanced settings allow you to send additional reminders to patients, or alert a staff member if the patient has not completed a questionnaire after a defined period of time.

3. Recurring Qnaires (Custom)

Following the same steps as above (2. Scheduled Qnaires)

Select '+New Schedule' beside the Recurring Questionnaire header. You will be presented with the same window as shown above with the ability to define the delivery routine (and delivery method and Practitioner)

4. On Demand Qnaires (Custom delivery)

In the event you would like to re-send a specific Qnaire instantly, you can do so by heading to the patient's chart and selecting the Start/Open Tab. From the drop down list select the button "Send Qnaire" as shown: 


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