Friday, December 9, 2022

9:00 AM Pacific / 12:00 PM Eastern


Join us for a free TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) webinar with expert discussion to learn how to:

  • Plan your use of notifications, reminders, and Qnaires throughout a patient’s journey for a specific treatment or type of visit.

  • Configure the text of appointment notifications and reminders.

  • Adjust the timing of automated appointment notifications, reminders, and scheduled Qnaires.

So that you can:

  • Equip patients with the right information at the right time.

  • Collect timely and relevant clinical information.

  • Reduce administrative burden.

Join our experts as they discuss a number of scenarios to show configuration options and discuss variations they’ve seen in different GP, specialist, and multidisciplinary clinics.

Our experts will discuss sample clinic scenarios like this one:

• A clinic plans custom automated reminders, instructions, and recurring Qnaires for patients booked for hip surgery to track surgical outcomes, reduce reminder phone calls, and ensure that the patient is well informed.

• Throughout the patient journey the clinic may send date confirmations, pre-surgery exercises, pain and function Qnaires, hospital directions, and post-surgery instructions to the patient at different or recurring times.

• The tools in the CHR enable the clinic to schedule and automate each of these elements based on the results of their patient journey planning process.

If you have scenario ideas from your own clinic, please share them when you register and we'll try to incorporate them into the expert discussion period!

Can’t make it? Register anyway. We’ll record the session and send all registrants a copy afterwards, along with additional learning resources.

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